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23-24 Third Quarter Internal STARS
Ashley Carey

Our attitude impacts how we approach our job, how we interact with others, and how others respond to us. When we speak with respect and enthusiasm, others feel valued and inspired. Being self-aware helps us remain humble.  Remaining positive allows us to avoid contributing to the negativity that can surround us and can even have a ripple effect in the workplace.  Working with colleagues who demonstrate a positive, can-do attitude encourages us to be problem-solvers and teammates. 

Throughout the ESC, we have many employees who demonstrate this positive attitude daily. They make our classrooms & offices healthier and more vibrant places to work.

Please see below to find out who is seen exemplifying these things!


Kelsey Anderson - "She’s a teacher that works super hard, she figures things out, she is so caring about the kids in her classroom and for their well-being! She always goes above and beyond for her staff in her room. Every day I learn new strategies and new ways of doing things. And for this, I am truly grateful for her." and "Kelsey always makes the best of any situation. She always provides guidance, which is so nice. If she sees any employee struggling, she is always willing to jump in and help."

Rebecca Baker - "Becca always has a positive attitude and always has a smile on her face! She goes above and beyond to help the students and the staff that she interacts with. She makes the people around her feel cared for and valued."

Leanna Belcher - "Leanna recently had several "outside of work" things happen to her. She STILL comes to work with a positive attitude and to do what is best for our kids. She worked from a hospital bed and came back to work still not being fully able to walk, AND STILL HAD A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!" and "As a new staff member of the ESC, Leanna has been an amazing mentor. She has made herself available to answer any questions and to help think through various situations as needed throughout the school year. Leanna has also helped to locate resources, work out logistics for PD, and coordinate monthly check-ins so that I can be successful in my role. Even though some of these duties come as part of a mentor's responsibilities, Leanna's positive attitude and caring personality shine bright every day! I am very thankful for her knowledge and leadership!"

Deb Bowen - "Deb is rock solid. She is dependable, kind, cooperative, and always willing to help. Deb is the type of professional who makes everyone else's job easier and never complains. Thank you, Deb!!"

Cynthia Bussey - "Cynthia greets students and families with a positive attitude. She is willing to help out in any situation and goes above and beyond for those around her. She makes sure that we have all the supplies that we need (like white construction paper). Cynthia is a lot of fun to be around and keeps the office a fun place!" and "Cynthia always comes to work with a smile on her face and treats everyone with respect. She is always the first person to offer encouragement to others. Even though she is mainly stationed in the office, she always brings enthusiasm to ALL the classrooms in the building. She is wonderful with the children and always goes above and beyond in everything she does!"

Rachel Caldwell - "Rachel is always positive. She is the first to volunteer to help. She works in a very challenging classroom and always treats the students with respect." and "Rachel works very hard with students who are challenging and she maintains a positive attitude through it all! Rachel always has a smile on her face!"

Daniel Cochran - "Daniel is absolutely amazing! Our class has evolved this year to contain students not typically found in an ED setting. He is kind, and patient, listens, and provides appropriate feedback. I cannot recall a time that he "lost his cool" with the students or me. He works well with all of the students and staff in the building and is consistently responsive to the needs of others in the building."

Jennifer Doherty - "Jenn has a big heart and our kiddos are so lucky to have her in our classroom to help us out when she can. We love her and all that she does to make our classroom more successful."

Heather Foreman - "She is a real team player and a huge help to both staff and students. She always makes sure that others are taken care of."

Maribeth Gregg - "Maribeth works hard with the students and gives them lots of great positive encouragement for each success (whether big or small). She is eager to help and is always positive with her peers too. I just love having her in our class."

Ashley Hahn - "Ashley shows compassion and empathy and is a positive influence on her job. She is an amazing person and a great influence on her one on one person and everyone else around her. She deserves this recognition everyone should be following in the way she holds herself every day."

Julie Hartsel - "No matter the situation, Julie is always positive and willing to assist. She demonstrates a true servant's heart to the students, teachers, staff, parents, and community." and "Julie is such a positive person. When issues arise with students, she comes up with multiple solutions that the team can talk through in order to help the student make progress quickly. She greets each parent with a smile and kind words and always brings a positive attitude to classrooms and meetings." and "Julie is always willing to pitch in wherever she is. She approaches all scenarios with love, grace, and humility."

Cortney Hill - "Cortney is cheerful and maintains a positive attitude, even in the midst of Chaos. She is kind, patient, and accommodating when scheduling with parents, which helps us build and maintain positive working relationships with students' families. She patiently explained district procedures when I was new and she is a great help to me with problem-solving for more efficient/effective procedures moving forward. She is truly a pleasure to work with."

Mindy Hixon - "I am nominating Mindy for the wonderful attitude she demonstrates to the staff and the students at Adriel. She gives 100% all of the time. She is like a working mom for the staff that brightens so many lives. She is always helping all of us succeed with whatever task lies ahead of us. She shares her knowledge so willingly. I am so blessed to have crossed her path in this beautiful life. She approaches each day with the students with so much care and she strives on their achievements like she would her own grandchildren. She has taught me so much about the fundamentals of teaching daily life skills and vocational skills to the students by setting up tasks for them that they can transition into. The ideas that she has turned into real jobs and real-life duties are above exceptional. She does so much for so many of us that sometimes I think we all forget to say thank you because, like our own mom, we take it for granted that she will always be there for us. She is one of those people you meet that will make you smile for years to come when her name is mentioned because of her beautiful heart"

Patricia Kauffman - "Patricia has a can-do attitude and is a huge help to me throughout the school year. She always does her best to accommodate me if I have requested last-minute items from the Life Lab. She offers alternative items if the item requested is unavailable. She is great at helping her colleagues problem-solve and offers her input/ideas. Patricia is such a positive resource to the ESC!"

Tisha Kauffman - "Tisha is always positive and ready to help peers, students, or parents when needed. She is kind to the students and praises them when they make progress (big or small) while working with her. She is a great addition to our classroom and we appreciate her."

Sherry Leis - "Sherry is a great asset at Mac. She will do whatever she can to help a student or a coworker. Sherry follows the program, she explains to the students why their behaviors are not appropriate, and what they can do to make better choices and earn positive consequences. She is a team player and always willing to help or assist in a crisis."

Jodi Montgomery - "She’s an amazing nurse! She doesn’t question, if you are concerned she jumps in and figures it out! She does everything she can for the little ones here at Adriel! I’m very impressed, and she deserves to be nominated! A great caring human the ESC hired!"

Dayna Ober - "Dayna is an exceptional example of a person with a positive attitude! Her sunny disposition and upbeat attitude extends to co-workers, students, and families alike. She is a joy to work with and just be around on a daily basis. She is always smiling and sharing the positive side of any situation. I can only imagine how good this makes our families feel- especially in IEPs or meetings dealing with sensitive topics."

Laura Orndorf - "Laura, is so supportive. Anything I need, she stops what she is doing, and she helps me or any other coworker who needs assistance immediately. I also appreciate her experience and advice. She is an upstanding coworker, and I do not know what I would do without her help, this year."

Brooke Parsley - "She is always positive, a great co-worker, and is always willing to help others when needed."

Carlie Powell - "Carlie comes in every single day with a positive attitude. No matter what is thrown at her each day she is always smiling, always going above and beyond to give the extra mile for each student in the program. She is a ray of sunshine in our program! Her work ethic and attitude cannot be matched."

Taylor Riegel - "Taylor is always so positive, even after the hardest of days!"

Leah Short - "Leah always is smiling and willing to help others. She cares about all of the students not just in her classroom. Leah encourages all students to get involved in the daily schedule."

Julie Slaybaugh - "Julie is always willing to jump in any situation and help. She is honest and fair. Julie goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Julie will check in with coworkers to see if they need help or if there is anything she can do for them. She is a team player, and I am glad that she is part of the team at Mac-A-Cheek!"

Olivia Storer - "Olivia truly loves the students. She wants to teach them to their highest ability. She greets them with a smile. She hugs them when they need a hug. She wants all of her students to do their best."

Kristie Suchland - "With an infectious positivity, Kristie approaches each day as an opportunity for growth and joy. Her optimistic outlook not only brightens her own path but also uplifts those around her, turning challenges into opportunities for learning and success."

Angie Thomas - "Angie comes to work every day with an attitude to do what is best for children. She works very hard to get her work done and is always willing to lend a hand when needed. She goes above and beyond bringing the preschool staff goodies as well to share positivity and fellowship."

Cheryl Tuck - "Cheryl is always positive and upbeat, even when things are complicated. She is a wonderful co-worker and works so well with students. Her students look forward to working with her. Her fun attitude is contagious!"

Cortney Yost - "Cortney exhibits a positive attitude daily to help the children in our classroom. She is always looking for something positive to say and is always looking at the bright side. She is eager to share her positive attitude with peers and students. She is always willing to find a way to help the kids too."

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