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We have opportunities in place for districts to nominate our staff for outstanding customer service but felt we also needed a way for ESC employees to recognize each other. Each quarter will focus on one of our Four Dimensions. For the first quarter, we asked staff to nominate a colleague that they felt has exemplified our first dimension- SERVING OTHERS. The characteristics for this trait(SERVING OTHERS) are: the needs of others drive actions, fosters growth in others, exhibits compassion in word and deed, and listens with intent.   Our nominees and what was said about them are below: Angie Brouhard - "Angie is always willing to check on packages for me, include me in meetings via Zoom, or do whatever she can to keep me "in the loop" even though my time onsite at the ESC is limited. Thanks Angie for always being willing to help me out!", "Angie goes above and beyond to take care of the SLPs, her students, and the rest of the staff she works with. She always has a listening ear, words of advice or encouragement, and a positive outlook. She drops whatever she is working on to answer questions or to give guidance in tough situations. Her model of servant leadership is greatly appreciated!", and "Angie is constantly in a "serving others" frame of mind. She always listens with intent and is willing to help however she can to better our students and staff." Ashley Carey - "On Sunday, September 26th, I needed to have access to a test at the office. Even though it was Ashley's day off of work, she dropped everything to meet my daughter at the ESC and give her the test that I needed along with other materials from my office. Ashely has a servant's heart, and I appreciate all the help and support she provides." Ashley Fecher - "I have never worked with someone that had been so appreciative of my work and valued my opinions. She is always first to write to parents and the great things they are accomplishing in our room! She is such a great teacher to the children!" Barry McNeely - "Barry consistently and joyfully serves others. He is always willing to do whatever needs to be done, works with students at Mac-A-Cheek to teach them work skills, and always has a kind, positive comment to brighten others' day. Barry focuses on the needs of others daily." Brooke Zimmer - "She has been subbing in my classroom as a 1:1 on a frequent basis. She is willing to not only help the student she is working with but assists all students in the classroom. She is willing to work with staff and create the best environment for all students. She cares for the well-being of all students and staff and has created a positive relationship with all staff and students. She understands and makes an effort to treat all students as "typical" and does not let their disability hinder what they can and can not do. She all-around has been AMAZING!!!" George Van Horn - "George is willing to interrupt his very busy schedule to handle my many requests that take him out of his normal duties to help our ESC continue to serve our districts. The latest example was taking his equipment to the East side of Columbus to get free PPE for our districts. That is "serving others" in action." Heather Burris - "Heather is the first face you see when you walk into the central office. She always greets you with a smile. She has gone above and beyond for our employees and our partner districts. She does not hesitate to lend an extra helping hand. For example, after separating countless boxes of PPE she will help load it into vehicles. We are all truly so lucky to have her!" Jessica Schollenberger - "Hard-working, puts students first, does everything with a cheerful heart." Kelsey Wallace-Anderson - "She is such a wonderful person and cares for her students and staff in the class. She is great with the students and helps In any way possible!" Lori Ferryman - "I believe Mrs. Ferryman is a wonderful example of the four dimensions of the ESC Motto. Serving others is one of the dimensions that I believe she excels at. She has very high standards of her staff and students and holds us all to be accountable for our actions and learning. In doing this, she puts herself as an example of what service to others means. She fights for our students to be included with their peers while working with our school district to show that we are part of the school district, not just ESC employees. She volunteers to help at the concession stand at the football games and gets others in the community(4-H, Master Garners, Junior Achievement, Officer AJ, and various others) to serve in our classroom. She is a great role model to our students and others. Her passion for her classroom and the students shows in her dedication to making sure her students get the best education they can while in her classroom. Whatever her students need, she does her best to make sure they get it in the classroom. I am honored to call her my mentor, supervisor, and friend." Lori Perkins - "Helping out me and their fellow employees by picking up items at the ESC and delivering them to their co-workers at various locations where they serve. Thank you for being so thoughtful!" Makala Kujawa - "She has come into a role as a first-year teacher that is huge. She has gone above and beyond serving our students and getting them involved in other activities with the other students. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that our class is treated just like the other classes in the school. She also spends time helping the other students in the school that are not her actually students. She is a leader who was born to serve." Matt Harper - "Helping out me and their fellow employees by picking up items at the ESC and delivering them to their co-workers at various locations where they serve. Thank you for being so thoughtful!" Patricia Kauffman - "Patricia was supposed to evaluate a student but found out he was absent. So she took part of her scheduled workday off and instead came in the following week on her non-contract day instead so she could see the student. Great service to this student, his family, and the ETR team. Thank you!" Shelby Masters - "Due to lack of subs available during this season, we were forced to shuffle our students. Shelby is such an amazing para we took her out of her class multi times to help in other classes that needed a para. She always rises to the occasion and handles every situation with a cheerful, positive attitude. Shelby is amazing with the children. We are so fortunate to have her ability and talent in our building." Sheila Roberts - "Sheila's support of the agency and its employees is a testament to her desire to serve others first. She regularly covers duties for the superintendent, takes on responsibilities of supervisors who are feeling overwhelmed, AND takes time to talk to the employees in our central office about their problems and concerns. Many times this means placing her own duties on the back burner because she is busy meeting the needs of others in our organization." Terri MacDonald - "Her hard work and dedication helps to serve as a role model for the program. There is not a problem she hasn't tried to solve or a staff member she hasn't tried to support when she is asked to help. Terri always makes the students and the districts needs the priority when making a decision. I feel she exemplifies a true servant leader!" Tisha Kauffman - "Tisha has taken the lead on serving the district staff at Urbana Elementary by creating and delivering monthly goodies to show the preschool staff's appreciation."  
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