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First Quarter Internal STARS
Ashley Carey

We have opportunities in place for districts to nominate our staff for outstanding customer service but felt we also needed a way for ESC employees to recognize each other. Each quarter will focus on one of our Four Dimensions. For the first quarter, we are recognizing staff that exemplified our first dimension- SERVING OTHERS. The characteristics of this trait(SERVING OTHERS) are: the needs of others drive actions, fosters growth in others, exhibits compassion in word and deed, and listens with intent. See what was said about each recognized employee below!


Heather Burris - "Great attitude! Always encouraging. Servant's heart. A bright spot in the office. Always helpful. Asks, "how can I help?" I wish we could duplicate her. She is a true gem!" and "From the moment I first met her, she has been a supporter of me. I met her at the job fair last year, and we kept in touch. She let me know when jobs were available and have always been someone to lift my spirits. She makes sure everyone feels like they are important and mean something. That to me is someone who is serving the community well. We all need someone who makes us feel like we matter. You can not even explain how her presence at the front desk. She greets everyone with such kindness. Making ESC feel like a welcoming home."

Ashley Carey - "Ashley goes above and beyond for everyone. If she doesn't know the answer to a question she makes sure that she finds the answer in a timely manner. She has helped me, as a new employee, with gaining familiarity with my new role and the daily ins and outs of the ESC. Ashley always greets others with a smile and makes everyone feel welcome."

Adrienne James - "Adrienne James is great to work with! She is always good at communicating with parents and showing up to IEP meetings. She also is awesome about including me in the decision she makes about the students in my class. Anytime I need anything she gets it to me quickly and keeps me updated on when I will receive it or she will complete it. She creates extra items for my students when we request them or they need them. She is very good at serving the needs of her students, coworkers, and parents. She is a true example of what a servant leader should be and is consistently serving others."

Tisha Kauffman - "Tisha has served the needs of the SLP department this fall through her willingness to work with extra students. She gives her time and energy, helps problem-solve, and encourages team members through challenging situations. Tisha is a genuine servant leader!"

Stacy Logwood - "She goes above and beyond for her students and co-workers. On top of that, she volunteers so much time with the local food pantry. She is always so quick to respond in a time of need and is there to help with the situation at a moment's notice. I could not have easily gotten through some student scenarios without her help, nor could the student. She is one of the most supportive people I work with!"

Brandi Marchese - "Brandi is great at interacting with everyone she comes in contact with. The parents of the students all love her and try to talk to her for a long time at pick up and drop off. She is great at serving all the students. Brandi knows a lot of other staff members in the school we are located and regularly interacts with them on our behalf. She is also always willing to do whatever is needed in the classroom or support other classrooms if needed. She will teach, plan art, work with any kid, and complete any work requested. She is constantly meeting others' needs and delivering great customer service!"

Delila Miller - "She has a love for the students in all classrooms that shines through. She walks into the room and the student's eyes light up. She is willing to help anyone at any time no matter the circumstances. She is a servant leader who demonstrates the true meaning of helping others."

Carolyn O'Neal - "Has been beyond helpful in the LIFE Transition classroom"

Kaitlyn Pence - "Kaitlynn has moved from a one-on-one paraprofessional position to a program sub position in the highly structured unit. She has gone above and beyond to learn and be able to jump in and serve our students. She has learned about all the kids and the special things that make them tick. Congratulations on a job well done. It is hard to remember everything about our students but she does a great job going above and beyond."

Melissa Scoville - "Melissa always operates in a way that demonstrates she places the needs of our team, and others, ahead of her own. She consistently works to help others and does so with a servant's heart."

Abby Superchi - "Abby is a natural at listening and lifting up the spirits of others. She comes into my office almost every day and tells me she appreciates me. She is very good with listening to the students and showing them how much she cares about their needs."

Angie Whip - "Angie took time out of her summer and her weekends to paint our STAR. She went out of her way to serve us at the central office by doing so. We are incredibly grateful."


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