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Ashley Carey

We have opportunities in place for districts to nominate our staff for outstanding customer service but felt we also needed a way for ESC employees to recognize each other. Each quarter will focus on one of our Four Dimensions. For the fourth quarter, the dimension we are recognizing is reliability. The characteristics of this trait are: Respects the time of self and others, respects and manages commitments, does their best work daily, and manages time effectively. The recipients for this quarter and what was said about them are below:

Laura Andrews - " Laura manages time well, working out her schedule to meet the needs of her students and the district she serves. She has had 100% attendance this year and does her best work daily."

Leanna Belcher - " Leanna is the preschool psych for the ESC. School psychologists typically have a lot on their plates, but Leanna has more than the average and handles it with nothing but grace. She has worked so hard this school year to set up systems within her schools to more effectively serve the children and staff that she works with. She puts in 100% effort every day to do right by everyone she works with and I know they appreciate her for it. Leanna is organized, reliable, a big-picture thinker, and exceedingly kind and caring. As a first-year psych, she continually impresses everyone with her ability to follow through on large requests, use her training effectively, and set boundaries when necessary. Our psych department and the ESC as a whole is a better place because she's with us."

Linda Bennett - " Linda has been asked to do so much more than her daily job entails this year. She has been extremely willing to go above and beyond for our students each day for them to attend to the environment that best fits their learning needs. She has done all of this with a positive attitude. She has made such a huge difference!"

Gabby Boucher - " Gabby has been a reliable team member, rarely missing work for most of the school year."

Melissa Bowersock - " Melissa manages time and commitments well, meeting the needs of her students and accommodating the needs of others. She has not missed any time during this school year - 100% attendance!"

Debra Bowen - " Deb has been a reliable team member, rarely missing work for most of the school year."

Heather Burris - " I know without a doubt that Heather will handle anything I need help with. If I cannot cover something I do not have to worry because she has it under control."

Ashley Carey - " Ashley has done an excellent job at managing commitments and following through while continuously doing her best work! She recently participated in interviewing students for future "real life" jobs, and did a fantastic job setting time aside for each student, staying engaged with them and helping them prepare for their future. In addition to this, she still manages to effectively execute the multitude of things that come up and are thrown her way. She is certainly someone that we can ALL count on! Thank you Ashley for all that you do!"

Erin Converse - " I can always rely on Erin to help me when I need it. I can always trust that she will quickly and effectively do her best work."

Jeri Cushman - " Jeri has been reliable and more in her work at the Triad preschool. Jeri gives her best effort for each of her students, to ensure that they learn all that they can and that their needs are met. She works in tandem with her teaching partner, and plans and then readjusts when plans change. Jeri is reliable for her students with a daily routine that guides their day. She also reliably adjusts what is happening if she sees that something is not working for her student's best interest. She is prepared for student meetings and speaks with her student's best interest at heart."

Chelsea Harvey - " Chelsea has been a reliable team member, rarely missing work for most of the school year."

Liz Henry - " Liz has been a reliable team member, rarely missing work for most of the school year." and, " Liz goes above and beyond every day she does what is needed no matter where it is needed."

Cherie Knight - " She is a wonderful, loving, caring lady who gives of herself day and night. She is loved by her students, staff, and co-workers. She's always willing to jump in and help to motivate people to learn more and do better and be a better person and role model."

Connie Lollo - " Connie goes above and beyond for students and staff at all locations. She wears many hats and wears them well. The staff couldn’t get through their day without the many jobs that she does."

Kathy Looby - " Kathy has been a reliable team member, rarely missing work for most of the school year."

Dayna Ober - " Dayna works hard to make sure she is meeting the needs of her students and the district she serves. She maintains flexibility and respects the time of others. She has not missed any work time this school year - 100% attendance! She demonstrates all of our STAR characteristics, and especially Reliability!"

Brooke Parsley - " Brooke has gone above and beyond this year in helping each student succeed. She is the first to jump in and assist in helping guide and mold behaviors with dignity, respect, and communication. She truly represents what a role model looks like to each of our students."

Angie Thomas - " Angie has gone above and beyond this year. She has organized our bus schedule which is changing daily so that all students are taken off the buses and put on the buses at the end of the night. This may sound trivial but the buses at Urbana are changing their schedules daily due to a lack of staff and illness. She has kept all of the Urbana staff informed of the changes. She also organizes fire drills and tornado drills. Angie always has a smile on her face. She greets all of the students with a smile and hug. Angie is reliable and a great worker. While Angie is at school she is committed to all of her students."

Marcie Trein -  " Marcie is always willing to lend a helping hand and you can always rest assured that she will provide quality help. I always know I can rely on her."

George VanHorn -  " There few things in life and work that be counted on, George Van Horn bucks the trend. He is one of the most reliable servant leaders in our agency. He doesn't bring problems into the workplace, instead, he solves them. He has a calming disposition in every situation regardless of the drama that may be taking place around him. He is timely in discharging his duties and he will put his work on the backburner to help someone with a task. Look in a dictionary under the word reliable, George's picture is there...or at least it should be!"

Michelle Yocom - " Michelle exemplifies reliability. Michelle shows up to work every day ready to tackle the work and challenges of the day. She takes on projects that are vital to the success of MacACheek and makes sure that everything she does is completed at the highest quality. She manages the requests of parents and staff with grace and excellence, handling the pace effectively and efficiently. Michelle is critical to the success of MacACheek and every staff member is so thankful for her reliability!"


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