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Second Quarter Internal STARS
Ashley Carey

Liela Anderson - "Liela is the embodiment of teamwork. She has stepped up countless times to make our classroom work. She truly loves our students and it shows in her every interaction with them."

Teresa Barr - "I had a lot of materials that needed to be copied for the threat assessment training, and Teresa jumped in to copy all of them in a very timely manner."

Leanna Belcher - "Leanna goes above and beyond to make sure our preschoolers are getting the services they need. She works ALL hours, putting her team and the students before herself. She is a great communicator all the time! She keeps us up to date on our meetings, our document signings, and our lives! She is just an all-around great person who deserves to be recognized!", "Her dedication to the preschool program at WL-S. She is always present and willing to help with needs. I appreciate her interaction with parents and staff.", and "Leanna is the epitome of teamwork. She works in three different districts and has chipped in to go above and beyond her assigned responsibilities. She is a terrific team member and superb servant leader!"

Sarah Brown - "Sarah demonstrates amazing teamwork. She is an as-needed OT, who will assist anytime we ask her. Currently, she stepped up to evaluate a student within a short timeframe, even though she was leaving for a mission trip to Africa with her family three days from when we needed her. She is independent, efficient, and reliable. She works well with our department as well as the school staff. Sarah always demonstrates a positive attitude and is a great communicator"

Heather Burris - "Heather is typically the first point of contact when visiting the ESC. She consistently goes out of her way to meet the needs of the people who walk through the door. I've never known her to not go the extra mile to help our customers as well as other staff members. Her "can do" attitude, friendly and caring personality, and strong work ethic make the ESC a better place for us all!", and, "I nominate Heather Burris for this beautiful award because she is an amazing help to me and many others. She is the most caring and selfless person to greet not only me but anyone who enters the doors at the ESC. Heather is fantastic at communicating with me regarding home-school families. She has a heart of gold and almost every time I speak with her, she offers help no matter what the situation may be. Heather is very caring and has the sweetest demeanor. I truly appreciate the efforts she gives for the ESC."

Jason Campbell - "Jason has a supportive relationship with students and staff. He is level-headed in high-stress situations along with having a sense of humor."

Ashley Carey - "Ashley is a shining example of what it means to demonstrate teamwork. She is always willing to lend a hand and puts the needs of others before her own.", and, "I have had Threat Assessment & NCI training, which requires a lot of printed materials and set-up. Ashley always comes through with everything that is needed."

Lisa Carter - "Lisa is a team player in our classroom. She is willing to jump into any role needed as often as needed. She is willing to fill in as a 1:1, help with changes, get students to and from places, support in class as needed, and support in our classroom. She cares deeply about the students and thinks of multiple ways to support them."

Paige Class - "Paige always goes above and beyond in her field. She keeps us up to date on important issues in school nursing. She is very knowledgeable and kind. She's always a phone call away or willing to help out when needed. If she doesn't know the answer to something she will find out or help find the answer the best she can. I love that she shares informative emails as well on interesting school nursing topics she finds."

Xavier Clerico - "Always doing your best at what you are given. Trying to help everyone and talking and working with every student that you see. You have a huge heart and we love that."

Leigh Counts - "Leigh is really great to work with! She does her OT sessions with Speech and they work together so well. She listens to what we need in the classroom and always provides suggestions when we need it. She does a great job working with our kiddos and jumps in wherever needed. She also asks how she can help no matter what is happening. She is also good at letting us know what she needs from us. I enjoy working on a team with her."

Bill Courant - "Bill is truly a team player! He is great at checking in to see what we need in the classroom. He is always willing to show us what he does without students, so we can make sure to address things in the same way. I appreciate his willingness to answer all of our questions about his students and other students. He is great at listening to our needs and helping to support us! I enjoy being on a team with Bill!"

Allison Cox - "Allison has been a great addition to our classroom team. She is always willing to help and she works well with the students and staff. She is always willing to learn new things and she goes above and beyond weekly. She is a great team player."

James Cutlip-Savage - "James is always placing the needs of our team and the agency above his own. He is willing to confront challenges and has difficult conversations. He is the one who is always reminding me to presume positive intent, for which I am thankful.", and,  "James is open and honest in his communication with the T&L team. He always presumes positive intent and places the needs of the team above his own - willing to do whatever is necessary to serve our districts."

Jill Daniels - "Being a great assistant and someone I can always count on."

Emily Wemyss - "Emily is the most sharing and giving person. If she has the ability to help someone, she is more than happy to do so. She has shared with me assessments she has created and learning opportunities to make assessments more effective for my students as well. Emily doesn't question things or have issues with sharing things, she is willing and happy to share in order to better everyone around her.", and,  "Emily is always willing to share resources and give assistance to anyone on the team who needs it!"

Jennifer Doherty - "Jen goes above and beyond to help me as the only para in the classroom when she is able. She will help with any of my job duties when I need it and always does so without being asked. I appreciate her dedication to our classroom so much!" , and, "Jen is a great team player! She does whatever is asked of her! She will also step up and do things before I even ask because she knows it needs to be done! She is always asking questions to make sure we are on the same page! She jumps into support wherever is needed. She also helps out in other classrooms when they need support as well. She will make suggestions on how to solve problems and will implement whatever is decided as a team. She will also advocate and support our team as a whole when talking to anyone outside of our team. I really appreciate having Jen on my team and I am glad to be working with her!"

Sheila Fay - "She always tries her best to help out and do what is right. She always lends a helping hand in any way that she can. She never second guesses anything that is asked of her."

Maggie Gates - "Maggie goes above and beyond to help the staff and the children who come in every day. As a new employee, she has helped me so much. She has offered help in every area you could think of. I appreciate her so much and I know the rest of the staff does as well."

Maribeth Gregg - "Maribeth is one of the most reliable people I can think of. She has helped brainstorm ideas to help students on her caseload and not. She will jump in and help support students, support group activities, and helps us think of ways to support students at home as well. Maribeth is kind and caring and will give whatever she can to her students."

Chasity Gregorek - "Chasity is dedicated to serving the students she sees to the best of her ability. A true team member, she is always willing to do what is best for the students. She shares her expertise with other team members and shares the responsibilities to complete reports, write IEPs or attend meetings as the gross motor representative.",and, "Chasity is the picture of teamwork. She works together with therapists, teachers, paraprofessionals, district employees, and anyone else needed to help benefit the students. She communicates clearly with all parties about what is needed and what is involved. She is volunteering her time to help with the wheelchair basketball game and is sharing a lot of her knowledge about the sport to help benefit the students and the event."

Erin Groom - "She is a great team player. She steps in to help wherever she can with the students. She always has a smile on her face. She brainstorms with other staff members whenever a new challenge arises in our classroom. You always know where you stand with her. She radiates happiness. She has a heart of gold and a positive voice for the students she serves especially for the nonverbal students. I am so thankful that I have gotten a chance to work with her. She has taught me a lot The students adore her" and "Bringing a wonderful one-on-one-aid and being so passionate about her job."

Ryan Guthrie - "Ryan epitomizes teamwork. He is very responsive to any request from team members for assistance, changes, and/or additions to schedules, and is always ready to assist with difficulties or challenges as they arise. He has adapted to a challenging schedule this year with new students and challenging situations. He is available to listen to Teachers when needed and readily offers his support and ideas. Ryan remains positive in the face of changes and adversity. He takes the extra time needed with students and lets them know they are valued and cared for. Ryan's ability to remain open to new ideas and his willingness to try anything makes him a valuable part of any team."

Jillian Henry - "Jillian is always willing to work on things for the class. She helps with the students when needed. Also, she helps me come up with different ideas for the class."

Jennifer Kaperak-Rill - "Jen is an amazing person inside and out! She is always willing to help wherever she is needed and the students love her! I love how she comes in the classroom and works with the entire class, it makes me feel more supported as a teacher and I think the students benefit from the whole group instruction."

Catherine Kaster - "She is willing to get up and help anyone who needs it. If she sees that there is a need for help she will make sure everyone is taken care of. Students and adults."

Patricia Kauffman - "When the Community STARs committee was in need of stickers for awardees, Patricia willingness offered her expertise (and equipment and time) to help create those stickers - providing feedback and support to get the highest quality possible. And thanks to her ideas, we may be able to offer an additional "reward" for STAR service."

Karen Kleis - "Karen demonstrates the traits of effective teamwork each day she comes into work. Karen shares her resources with team members whenever possible. She collaborates with team members and commits herself to lifelong learning in order to provide best practices. Karen consistently puts student needs above her own and serves as a strong student and Occupational Therapy advocate. Karen is a good listener. She strives to make each day purposeful and helps wherever she is needed. I am so grateful that I get to work with Karen and have her as my mentor!"

Trey McGehee - "Trey truly cares for the wellbeing of his students and provides support to staff when needed. Truly a great asset to our team."

Tracy Merica - "Tracy has been sharing resources with me to help me prepare for my PD sessions that I am having with districts this year, She is also working with me so we can implement a PD session together.", "Tracy has been providing support and sharing great ideas on how we can work together to benefit the districts that we are providing services to. I appreciate her willingness to work as a team!", and, "When I realized that I had mistakenly committed to an event that I was not going to be able to attend, I reached out to Tracy to see if she could cover for me. Without a moment's hesitation, she said, "Yes." She put the needs of our districts before her own self-interest and was willing to share her knowledge with the district in my absence."

Delila Miller - "She helps out not only with her own difficult student, but she goes out of her way to help with anyone in the class."

Hayley Molen - "Helping out where ever needed."

Jessica Nieman - "Jessica has so much on her plate and she manages it so well. She is always willing to take on something to help a team member and she will advocate for the needs of her students and team members when support is needed. She's a great leader!"

Dayna Ober - "Dayna is an amazing team player! She is always willing to help a peer, whether to make a social story for a student, collaborate on a group/co-treat students, or help a peer carry items to a classroom when hands are full. Dayna is great at sharing resources, ideas, and expertise. She is endlessly cheerful and positive with peers, students, and parents. Dayna makes the day a little brighter for all those who work with her!"

Shila Parsley - "Hard worker dedication and the love she has for her job."

Lori Perkins - "Lori has been a mentor and resource for our physical therapy team. She is flexible in helping out with extra duties as needed in other districts and is always willing to assist with questions and resources"

Melissa Peterman-Cutlip - "Melissa goes above and beyond and loves our kids."

Camrin Rice - "Camrin is one of the most compassionate, hardworking paraprofessionals I have worked with in a long time. Her ability to build relationships with even one of our most challenging students is rare. Her dedication to our students with the highest need does not go unnoticed. She is incredibly insightful and creative. We are so blessed to have her."

Melissa Scoville - "Melissa is always willing to go above and beyond to share resources and give of her time to help others. She truly is a STAR."

Missy Sine - "Missy exhibits all the best there is about being a member of a team. She is always at work early (I've seen her at work at 6:30 am!) to make sure everything is set and ready to go for her kids. She is always prepared and planning ahead- which makes life easier for her teammates. She is creative and works hard to find exciting and engaging ways to teach her students. She accepts and shares resources easily and "raises the bar" for all of us to be better at what we do. Missy finds ways to be honest yet compassionate and patient with parents, no matter the challenges they may be facing. Missy is endlessly positive in her approach with her students and teammates, which makes her a joy to work with and a valuable asset to any team she is a part of."

Alycia Smith - "Alycia maintains a positive attitude and shares that positivity with her team and her students."

Angie Thomas - "Angie has gone above and beyond to make sure my transition into this job has been easy. She always asks if I need anything and is often filling me in with tips before I even ask. She is the definition of “teamwork makes the dream work.” If I didn’t have her, this year would have been even more challenging than it has been."

Marcie Trein - "Marcie is the epitome of what someone who follows teamwork is. She is always early to work, always going above and beyond in her job for everyone. She does a great job collaborating with her entire team, working with all her students for the greater interest of everyone involved. She is an incredibly hard worker and comes to work with great passion each and every day!"

Sheri Walbright - "Sheri is excellent with our students. She works with all Staff for each student to determine their need and how their work with her will incorporate into their daily classroom work. Sheri ensures the student's IEP is carefully planned and covers the student's needs working with parents and school administrators to create the best plan for each of her students. She can take students to the next level, whether teaching a student to tie a shoe or how to print or write more legibly. She has helped students participate in writing a book; she has selflessly donated supplies when needed for events being held in support of our students. Her extra effort to communicate and ensure everyone is on the same page is flawless. She includes everyone and even donates her time and the time of her husband, Phil, to help MAC A CHEEK Learning Center with after-school events. Sheri exemplifies Servant Leadership in everything she does and specifically as a Communicator."

Cortney Yost - "Cortney is always positive, caring, and compassionate with the students. She brings positive vibes to the preschool environment. She truly cares for the students and staff. She tries to find ways to keep all students engaged and happy. She volunteers to help students when they are having a challenging moment even if she is not their teacher. She suggests interventions that help the situation so the students can participate in their classroom."

Brooke Zimmer - "Never misses work and worked hard daily." and "Brooke has gone above and beyond for the students, parents, and districts in Madison County. She has taken the initiative to help ensure the safety and well-being of some of our most challenging kids by coordinating busing routes, assisting with behavioral modifications, and working to improve safety conditions for students on a very difficult bus route. She is reliable, has excellent judgment, and takes initiative."

Jerry Fetherolf - "Coming back after all your medical issues and picking up and helping out however you can."


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