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We have opportunities in place for districts to nominate our staff for outstanding customer service but felt we also needed a way for ESC employees to recognize each other. Each quarter will focus on one of our Four Dimensions. For the third quarter, please use this form to nominate a colleague that you feel has exemplified our third dimension-Attitude. The characteristics for this trait(ATTITUDE) are: exhibits positive nonverbals, maintaining composure and patience, and expressing concern about problems others experience.   Our nominees and what was said about them are below: Angie Thomas - "She is always going above and beyond to help everyone out! She spends time outside work to make sure that we have updated bus lists for the ever-changing bussing. She always checks in to see how people are doing and is always willing to help out!" Angie Whip -  "Angie exemplifies a positive attitude in her daily work. She is always patient, helpful, and friendly with coworkers and students. She enjoys her work and it shows! It's hard to find her without a smile on her face." Ashley Carey - "I know Miss Ashley is always busy, but she always takes time to say hello and ask how everyone is doing! She is so caring, kind, and sincere. I appreciate her and her smile so much!!" Barb Butler - "Barb exhibits positive nonverbals by her kindness shown towards students which are demonstrated by our students' willingness to open up to her and share problems and frustrations. She maintains composure and patience and expresses concern about problems students and staff may experience. Also, she gives free haircuts to students to help them feel good about themselves." Barry McNeely - "Always has a smile on his face and a story to share." Bryan Gates - "He comes in with a great attitude to serve our kids. Is all over a great person to work with so generous and caring not only for the kids but the staff." Chasity Gregorek - "Chasity always has a welcoming and positive attitude, no matter the type of day she's having. She works well with all of her students and is well respected by all of the staff. Chasity shows concern for others, has a positive attitude, and shows so much patience with students and staff alike." Crystal Morris - "Crystal always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude no matter what may be happening. She really cares about the students and they know it. She is quick to give them a caring hug or a helping hand. She genuinely cares about the people she works with as well and is a positive asset to the program. " and "Crystal is always positive in her interactions with both staff and students. She shows genuine warmth and cares for the students she works with. She is so patient when working with students of all needs and nothing seems to upset her!" Diana Omlor - "Diana has a positive attitude every day. She is very patient with her students, despite the many challenges of every day. Even in the midst of students acting out, Diana remains calm and slowly helps them work through their challenges. When talking with parents, Diana shares information about students' improvements and accomplishments. Even when addressing student needs, Diana does this in a way that focuses on student potential." Ericka Schultz - "Ericka is a delight to work with! She is always smiling and making other students and staff feel welcomed and appreciated by taking a sincere interest in them. She works extremely hard for the student she serves and is always willing to put in extra effort to meet his needs. She is an excellent interpreter and advocate, who encourages him to be as independent as possible. Beyond that, she finds ways to make the broader classroom and school community better. She is willing to meet any need that arises with a positive attitude every day." Heather Burris - "Heart of Gold, always helpful, makes my day better when I get to see her and talk to her, goes the extra mile for everyone, and is a very positive person" Heather Embry - "Heather is a very positive person! She almost always has a smile and even when handling difficult situations, she maintains a positive attitude with other staff and with parents. She is a valuable team member!" James Cutlip - "James receives emails/phone calls/requests for assistance from every direction. Even in the midst of planning for his own professional development, he takes time to listen to the concerns of others. He does this with patience and a smile despite the amount of work he may have to conquer." Jason Campbell - "Jason always has a positive word for students and staff. He encourages everyone at Mac-A-Cheek with his smile, enthusiasm, and care for others. Jason listens to others when they are struggling and provides encouragement and ideas on how to get through the difficulties." Kristin Wolff - "Kristin has had a great attitude as Bill and I are transitioning into taking over the PT services for London and Fairhaven. She reached out right away, has been SUPER helpful, and her communication is amazing. Thanks for such great has made coming on board so much easier!" Madison Risser - "Madison is new to Mac this year and has fit right in, she is kind, patient, and a hard worker. She jumps in and helps wherever she is needed. We are so blessed to have her" Marie Wheeler - "Marie exemplifies the Servant Leadership quality of Attitude. Marie is positive with students, colleagues, and families. She sees the good and positive changes in students. She appreciates the humor in life and shares this with those in her classroom. Marie is patient with students and celebrates their little success." Meighan Rupert - "Meighan is very qualified to serve the students in our program. She understands how to adjust her instruction techniques to best serve a student's learning style. Meighan is well-trained in dealing with students with behaviors and utilizes those skills to help her classroom team implement effective classroom management." Melinda Monteith - "Melinda consistently maintains a professional attitude, paired with an exceptional work ethic, within her many work environments. She is a real team player and an asset to our program as she rises to meet work challenges with a proper mindset." Melissa Peterman-Cutlip - "Melissa is always the first staff in my room to jump to help when anything needs to be done. She sees a need and fulfills it without being asked and without complaints. You would never know when she is having a bad day because she is always serving other staff and students. Melissa is the true definition of having a good attitude in the work environment and makes me feel good about coming to work each day!" Melissa Scoville - "Melissa always has a smile on her face and strives to make sure those around her feel cared for and helped." Michelle Yocom - "Michelle's positive attitude impacts every single person working at Mac-A-Cheek and the families of each of our students. Michelle is patient with all of us, even though we continually interrupt her with questions or our problems that we need help with. Michelle maintains composure during all the activities (and crises) that happen in the office and provides a calm, kind, and considerate face to our program at Mac-A-Cheek." and "Michelle is our school secretary, but she is so much more! Michelle is a part-time therapist to our staff when our days are long. She is a great listener and VERY patient with us. Michelle fields calls from our student's parents, and sometimes those calls aren’t so nice. But, she keeps her cool and speaks to them with a calm and collected mind. When we are in the hall and yell out needing assistance, Michelle is quick to respond. Her job far exceeds filing and answering the phone, and she never complains. I would love to see her recognized for all the jobs she performs." Missy Sine - "Missy is the General Education teacher at the ESC Mechanicsburg Preschool. She is always a happy and caring person in her conversations with staff, parents, and students. She exemplifies a positive attitude every day in her teaching of students. She believes that her preschool program needs to provide the best teaching practices and the best education for all students and will look to see what professional development will help her do this each school year. She is always trying to look for ways to help students achieve success. She also likes to role model a variety of ways that our students at Mechanicsburg can develop skills toward the "T.R.I.B.E." which stands for thinks, respectful, innovative, brave, and empathetic. She is a very dedicated teacher and goes above and beyond the expectations of her job! Thank you, Missy, for all you do each and every day for our ESC preschool program!" Ryan Guthrie - "Ryan is a terrific example of the importance of "attitude." Ryan has a laid-back and positive attitude that really engages the students and co-workers around him. He is endlessly patient with the students and always makes sure that the time he spends with them ends on a positive note. He takes the time to do the little things that can really make a student feel important and cared about, from offering a fist bump in the hallway, to shooting baskets at recess after a student earns a good behavior report. Ryan exhibits an unfailing ability to maintain positivity regardless of what's going on around him. He's a great employee and representative of the ESC at any time, but has been especially appreciated for his steadfast positivity during the past few years while navigating through the craziness of Covid." Terri Schmitt - "Terri has gone above and beyond this school year to provide exceptional support to the preschool classroom housed at Triad Elementary. She has continuously displayed positive behaviors in all work assignments, been supportive in providing RTI intervention ideas as well as aided in positive classroom management." Tracey Wilson - "Tracey answers the phone with a smile every single time! She is so patient and kind to every single person even when answering the same questions over and over. Thank you Tracey for being amazing!"
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