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OESCA’s Capital Conference Brunch

Last month the Madison-Champaign Educational Service Center had the privilege of recognizing two members of our counties with awards presented at OESCA’s Capital Conference Brunch.

Marcia Bailey received the Award for Outstanding Community Leadership. Marcia was recognized by OESCA for her leadership of the Champaign Economic Partnership. As its first executive director, she has purposefully led the county through strategic planning which has led to increased business development, business expansion, and the retention of employees in our county-based businesses. She has made a point to partner with all five school districts to ensure their interests were represented in the economic development of the business community.

Senator Robert Hackett, representing Senate District 10, received the Outstanding Legislator Award. Senator Hackett has been one of the most forthcoming and accessible legislators in the current General Assembly. He regularly attends the superintendent’s meetings in all of the counties he represents and he is willing to engage in difficult dialogue. He has remained a staunch proponent of Ohio’s public schools even in the face of criticism of his own party. He is an excellent listener and a tireless advocate for his constituents.