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Special Education & Related Services

  • Adapted Physical Education (Technical assistance to school staff and instruction for students in appropriate adaptations of the physical education program.)

  • Adult Transition Program (LIFE)

  • Audiology Services (Monitors and evaluates student needs for educational planning for students with hearing loss. Provides equipment maintenance and staff support. Level of service determined by IEP team.)

  • Autism Program (A program in a separate facility for youth identified with autism.)

  • Behavior Specialist (Technical assistance and consultation to school personnel regarding students who exhibit significant behavior issues in the school setting and/or who are transitioning from regular to special education programs or special education to regular programs.)

  • Educational Evaluations (Provide comprehensive Multifactored Educational evaluations and/or Independent Educational evaluations.)

  • Emotional Disturbance Program (A program in a separate facility as well as in multiple satellite locations, for children identified with emotional disturbance.)

  • Low Incidence Supervision (Technical assistance to and oversight of programs for students who are identified as having multiple disabilities or autism.)

  • Multiple Disabilities Program (Instructional classes for students who have been identified with multiple disabilities.)